Why I Make


Adam Savage (@donttrythis) recently called on makers to post why they make using the hashtag #WhyIMake. My reason is simple: I have to. I make because that's how I interface with the world around me.

Over the years I've written software, built haunted houses, build cabinetry, a playhouse, a fireplace surround, made dinners, desserts, candies, and countless other things. I've shared almost all of it with others and relished the joy on their face and the praise they gave. Primarily, though, I made them for me and would have done so whether anyone shared it with me or not.

Every project I've had the fortune to work on has been a new experience. It's required me to learn something new, solve a problem I'd never had to solve before, and expanded my world in some way. For better or for worse, my ego has been built on my ability to solve problems I've never encountered before. That drives me to seek new challenges, preserver through the initial phases of having no idea what I'm doing, and finally finish having learned something new.

I make because I am compelled to do so.